Tron Watch

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One of a kind mini wearable Tron Disc as a watch or a pendant

Watch demo here


You get:

Swing motion activated ignition

Smooth swing sound

Different clash effects


8 default color modes

Custom inner and outer ring RGB color setting

A Graphic Equalizer mode with 2 different modes

Gesture based volume control


Please Note:

1. This product will be improved in terms of aesthetics, electronics and software before delivery, you will receive an updated version which is slightly different from what you see in the video or images.

2. Order now and your order starts in 3 weeks time

3. You will receive

    a) Tron Watch

    b) Magnetic Cable for charging

5. This product doesn't come with a battery, you need to purchase your own battery

The battery details will be provided during product dispatch

6. Any questions, fell free to contact me at